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Casual Dating – Safety Tips For Girls

Going on a date or being a friend with benefits can get stressful for the girls. She wants to impress the boy and assure that she looks her best. However, it has been noticed that nowadays people meet online and once they know each other enough only then they will plan on meeting on a date.

There are hundreds of casual dating sites available online and you cannot make the mistake of selecting the first one that you like. The reason is that it might be fake or developed by a hacker who just want your information and pictures to sell on the black market.

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Online casual dating can be tricky and so it is better that you stay safe and do not take it to the next level until you trust the other person. Here we have some of the important dating tips that every girl should know about.

Be yourself

You have to be yourself and even if your fwb date is surprisingly hot do not change or try to look extra beautiful. Let the other person like you for who you are instead of trying to change. Remember that if you proceed with the relationship he will eventually see who the real you are so it better that you do not hide behind a mask in the beginning.

Stay confident

Your confidence during the first date is very important. You have to give your date the impression that you are not the one to mess with. If you will remain shy it will show him that you are vulnerable and he can easily use or manipulate you the way he likes.

Meet in public place

One of the most important things that you have to do is always meet at a public place during your first date. Select a hotel, café or bar where there will be a lot of witnesses. Do not make the mistake of visiting his house or calling him to come to your house because things can get ugly.

Your friends should know

Make sure that your friend always knows that who you are planning to date.

  • Show your friend the picture of that person and let her the place where you will be meeting him
  • Keep your friend always on the speed dial if something happens
  • It would be better if you can bring your friend but do not let your date know.

Do not lie

A common mistake that most of the girls make is that they lie on the dating sites. They have the account with the fake name and so they can share the pictures of anyone they like. When you are going to meet that person in real life you should know that lying can lead to aggressive behavior because the other person might say that you cheated.

Have your own ride

Do not forget to have your own ride. Even if your date offers to pick you or drop you off your destination you should let them know that you have your own ride. You cannot trust that person on the first date and so do not get into a car with him.

Final word

However, still, it is important that you take some safety measures. Do not share any sexual photos on the dating sites because they can be used against you. Avoid sharing any type of personal information that can lead the other person to reach your location. It is better to stay safe than sorry.

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